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Autumn 2019

Into the Fall season of 2019, I have been working out new music to fulfill an album concept that I created earlier this summer. The music is developing nicely. In this process, I have already decided on an album theme, and even song titles! The music concepts have already been simmering in my creative sub-consciousness for some time, and I am trying to keep momentum on excavating them into the new year. My life, like many of us, has many potential distractions and temptations that can really slow down our path of progress...if we let them. My goal is to stay persistent and not sacrifice quality for myself or any music enthusiast. 

A new studio desk is coming to my studio soon, which I am very thankful for! It will help me lay out the gear and instruments in a much more productive and streamlined setting. This is one of my solutions to ensuring the completion of this next album happens sooner than later. The music is an electric-acoustic nature that is going to have some great textures and melodies. 

Additionally, in this last couple months of the year, I often get involved recording solo piano ideas in addition to the other projects I have on board. As ideas collect and get recorded, a solo piano album sometimes surfaces.

Please keep me posted if are excited to hear another solo piano album, if the next upcoming album is something you would like to hear samples of in development, and if there is more you would like to read about in this blog. 

Enjoy this beautiful Autumn Season!

~ Nathan


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