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About Nathan Speir

An independent American artist, Nathan Speir is a pianist and composer who began learning piano at the age of eight. Nathan completed his first fully written composition at age twelve and later received a bachelors degree in music theory and composition in 2004 from Palm Beach Atlantic University.

During the span of his teenage and college years he spent much time studying and practicing world religions, which ultimately broadened Nathan's creative and personal perspectives. He is currently a BMI pro affiliate. Nathan Speir began running his own record label, Neptic Music (LLC), in 2016, and added his own publishing division of Neptic Music in 2017.  His label's productions have also included ancient Byzantine chant from the Greek Orthodox Church for an artist called Byzantine Ark. He has licensed original music for YouTube film team Trisagion Films. Nathan also is a contributing artist to the Whisperings Solo Piano Radio. Nathan Speir's music has charted several times on the Zone Music Reporter radio charts. 

Aside from piano, Nathan Speir's growing instrumental repertoire includes guitars, cello, violin, various ethnic flutes, and home made percussion.

Nathan is always evolving his style and draws inspiration from his faith/spirituality, nature, family and friends. Born in Riverside, California, and drawing from a long residence on Florida's Space Coast, Nathan Speir currently resides in Winston-Salem, North Carolina where he is raising a family, producing music, and also serving his community as a licensed electrician.

You can stay updated on Nathan Speir's music, join his artist email list, and purchase music by visiting his website:

Nathan's most recent production (14th solo artist album) is the electronic music album Polyhedric Hearts (October 2020) proceeded by a solo piano album Finding A Way To Be (May 2020)

Glimpse Inside Nathan's Studio

Here you see a few thumnails of Nathan's home studio, Neptic Music.