Smiles From A Melancholy Man

Nathan Speir

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Ambient Chamber Music. Nathan Speir's 14th Solo Artist full length album. A collaboration of acoustic and electronic instruments carry a dynamic narrative through Nathan's backyard of contemplation, nature, emotion, and transcendence. “Smiles From A Melancholy Man” picks up the narrative of an earlier release in ambient chamber music “Searching For Nepsis” that ended in a track called “Morning Twilight”. This new release begins with “Lulled In A Sunset” and starts a new day in Nathan’s ambient chamber music ending with “Rest Beside a Creek”. “First Tracks” is probably the most chipper piece in the album coming in at 120bpm. There are some longer ambient styled tracks like “Hallowed Log Canopy” 12 1/2 minutes long and “Rest Beside A Creek” set close to 60bpm. There are also some tracks moderate in tempo, dynamics, and length like “Zephyrs In The Wetland” and “Anxious For Nothing”...perfect for your chill playlist.

Nathan Speir - field recordings, baby grand piano, DSI Prophet Rev2, cello, acoustic electric guitar, singing bowls, native american flute, bansuri flute, electric bass guitar, additional digital instruments by Steinberg (cymbals, pan drum), 8 string ukulele.

Recorded from May 2020 - January 2021 at home studio of Neptic Music (label & publisher). Composed, performed, recorded, & mixed by Nathan Speir.

Mastered by Robert Rich at Soundscape, Mountain View.

Artwork and graphic design by Nathan Speir. (c) all content Nathan Speir (BMI) 2021

Hi resolution mp3s available for download as well as CD in a four panel digipak. In the future, this website will hopefully offer other audio formats for download as well. If you are interested in lossless wave files you can download those from Nathan's Bandcamp page at:

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