Nathan Speir - Pianist, Multi-Instrumentalist & Composer



Part of a Kindly Plan - 4 panel digipak

This CD is in a four panel digipak with artwork inside out. There is currently a limited quantity should buy while supplies last. The benefit of owning physical CDs is tangible memorabilia and music that is still available if you ever close your streaming services ;-)

 Nathan's 9th solo artist release. Bright Acoustic Ambient Chamber Music. Instrumentation includes piano, cello, nylon and steel string guitars, wooden flute, rain stick, wind chimes, harmonica, and singing bowls.


Zone Music Reporter (The Industry Source for New Age, World, Ambient, Electronic, Solo Piano,

Relaxation, Instrumental and many other genres of Music) reviews this album saying:

MAY 2017


This Nathan Speir album (Part of a Kindly Plan) is his ninth full-length recording and

it is exciting, genre-pushing, ambient-chamber- music (combining ambient, new age

and avant-garde with a touch of modern classical).

The album mostly contains acoustic instruments -- acoustic piano, steel and nylon-

string acoustic guitars, wooden flute, cello, harmonica, rain-stick and singing bowls

-- but a couple of tunes also include a little synthesizer (primarily replicating a

string-section). In addition, Speir says, “Silence has a big place in my music and I

pay a lot of attention to the spaces between the notes.”

This is gentle, soft, generally fairly slow, meditative music that allows your mind

and spirit to drift and float and explore special spaces. The album begins with the

vibrant-ambient sound of “Hued Embowment” and ends with the nearly-nine-

minute meditational “Breathing On This Shore.” In between are instrumental pieces

such as the rapid and melodic “Passing Charcoal Clouds” and the slow, peaceful

“Serenity In This House.” The music is improvisational, experimental and refreshing

in its uniqueness. This recording is a perfect opportunity to let your ears take you

on an adventurous journey along an unmarked trail.

Rating: Excellent