Nathan Speir - Pianist, Multi-Instrumentalist & Composer


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Warmth in Winter

by Nathan Speir

Released 2015
Released 2015
Wintry seasonal ambiance with soothing piano based moods. Exclusive ambient chamber versions of three new tracks from Ambient Piano Christmas Volume 2. Not just a seasonal release!
A first EP release from pianist, multi-instrumentalist and composer Nathan Speir, BMI. Three tracks are featured from the 2015 release Ambient Piano Christmas Volume 2, which is a solo piano ambient album; however, these three songs have been re-recorded with additional instrumentation performed by Nathan Speir at his home studio in Winston Salem, NC. Warmth In Christmas EP is a light hearted seasonal piece accompanied by strings, bell sticks, and a low Irish whistle. A Fervent Winter Guide EP is a mystical soundscape including more strings, chimes and eludes to a theme of three magi following a bright star to Bethlehem. Finally, Humble Holy Healer is a three instrument piece for piano, classical guitar, and native american flute; it is really a bonus track that could easily exceed the boundary and theme "Holiday Music". Nathan Speir comments on Humble Holy Healer saying "I actually conceived this piece more in mind for the EP than the full release Ambient Piano Christmas Volume 2. My context or conceptual imagery for the music of Humble Holy Healer was the Nativity of baby Jesus Christ born in a humble manger who would soon become the legendary holy healer of mankind."