Nathan Speir - Pianist, Multi-Instrumentalist & Composer


Music - (Samples & Notes)

Improv 16

by Nathan Speir

Released 2016
Neptic Music
Released 2016
Neptic Music
A debut in the genre of solo piano jazz improvisation for Nathan Speir that rivals the depth of performance one would expect from veterans such as Keith Jarrett.
A solo improvisation performed by Nathan Speir in his private studio on October 23rd 2016.
Describing his process for that performance Nathan Speir narrates:
"The entire improvisation was approached with the intent to record a possibly special hour of music channeled in the moment. I found it special enough to save and share. I ended up dividing the final CD master into 3 parts with zero pause between tracks to preserve continuity of the performance.
I performed the entire piece nonstop on a Roland RD800 and simultaneously ran a midi signal through Ivory II Pianos hosted in Cubase 8.5 pro. I then mixed a stereo audio file for mastering and made final polishes in Wavelab. Only regret... no one was around with a video camera."