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Ambient Piano Christmas, Vol. 1

by Nathan Speir

Released 2012
Released 2012
Classic Western Christmas carols played by Nathan Speir in his distinct ambient piano style. The songs are interpreted in a refreshingly smooth and colorful arrangement for solo piano. This is a keeper for generations to come...timeless Christmas music.
"Ambient Piano Christmas: Volume 1" is Nathan Speir's first holiday album for Christmas. It is a solo piano recording featuring most of the classic Christmas carols from the West (mainly Europe). The arrangements include enough melody and original song structure for the listener to easily recognize the carol, but Nathan has added and improvised a colorful rendition that offers a refreshing take on the songs of the Christmas season. Stemming from his evolving ambient piano sound in "A Day of Poetry" (released 10-01-2012), Nathan Speir capitalizes on a solo piano texture that is clear, ethereal, and slightly 'darker' than comparative solo pianists in his genre.

"Ambient Piano Christmas: Volume 1" is far from an attempt to 'reinvented the wheel' of classic Christmas carols. This album is a celestial ornament of music for the season.