Nathan Speir - Pianist, Multi-Instrumentalist & Composer



Nathan Speir

An independent American artist, Nathan Speir is a pianist and composer who began learning his piano instrument and craft at the age of eight years. Nathan completed his first fully written composition at age twelve and later received a bachelors degree in music theory and composition in 2004 from Palm Beach Atlantic University. During the span of his teenage and college years he spent much time studying and practicing world religions, which ultimately broadened Nathan's creative and personal perspectives.  He is currently a BMI artist, and has published music with Music of The Sea Publishing. Nathan Speir began running his own record label, Neptic Music (LLC), in 2016.

Nathan's most recent production of 2016 is Improv 16, a 1 hour solo piano jazz improvisation.

In 2015 Nathan produced The Emotive Leaf, a two disc, ambient chamber and solo piano album. This album was successfully crowd funded via Kickstarter and released early 2015. Warmth In Winter and Ambient Piano Christmas Vol. 2 released at the end of 2015.

Nathan Speir's first release was an electronic instrumental album Between Earth & Sky in 2006, which featured a piano centered style with synthesizers and Native American flute.

A few years later, after starting a family in 2010, Nathan visited his former university in West Palm Beach, FL where he recorded his second album Nathan's Piano - a purely solo piano recording. It encompassed a collection of piano compositions from a 15 year span.

In 2012, Nathan produced three more albums. In early 2012 he finished another primarily electronic instrumental featuring piano throughout, Brighter Days, which was in light of relocating from Florida to North Carolina, having a second child, and a desire to be experimenting with a greater variety of instrumental textures. The result was a sonic metaphoria.

In the fall of 2012, Nathan continued to refine his depth of emotional expression, production quality, and compositional process when he released A Day of Poetry. Returning to mostly solo piano with rich virtual string accompaniment, A Day of Poetry became a milestone in Nathan Speir's development of ambient piano and chamber music.

At the cusp of 2012, Ambient Piano Christmas: Volume 1, Ambient piano Christmas album cover was recorded and released. It synergistically grafted traditional Christmas carols with Nathan's purely solo ambient piano performances.

Nathan continues to find his original style and draw inspiration from his influence from the late and modern classical and jazz composers as well as many of the new age and ambient artists.

Originally from Southern California and raised in Florida, the artist currently resides in Winston-Salem, North Carolina where he continues to refine and explore his creative potential.