Nathan Speir - Pianist, Multi-Instrumentalist & Composer



"For heights and depths no words can reach, music is the soul's own speech."


+ Hello, I am Nathan Speir. Welcome to my artist webpage! I hope the fruit of my creative process enhances your life in a positive way...

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NEW RELEASE (coming JANUARY 14 2018)

ROMANTIC ELECTRONS...Nathan's debut LP in electronic chill/downtempo music. 

LAST RELEASE - Part of A Kindly Plan (full album on CD or download). A new chapter in Acoustic Ambient Chamber Music featuring several acoustic instruments such as grand piano, acoustic guitars, singing bowls, wind chimes, cello, rainstick, and harmonica.

"A fearless experimenter, Speir finds ways to push the limits of ambient/new age in ways that only someone really committed to the form can do. Inspired here by some long ago read poems about tranquility and finding happiness, Speir's vision seems to say that wonderful things can come out of the quiet if you let it. Mind-opening music throughout, there's no noodling here as he gets you on track early and keeps you there for the rest of the ride. A solid bet for when you need an alternative to noise by a real pro." - Midwest Record

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 - Improv 16 (full album).


Solo piano improvisation performed in private studio on 10-23-2016.
The entire improvisation was approached with the intent to record a possibly special hour of music channeled in the moment. I found it special enough to save and share. I ended up dividing the final CD master into 3 parts with zero pause between tracks to preserve continuity of the performance.
I performed the entire piece nonstop on a Roland RD800 and simultaneously ran a midi signal through Ivory II Pianos hosted in Cubase 8.5 pro. I then mixed a stereo audio file for mastering and made final polishes in Wavelab. I only regret no one was around with a video camera.



 Thank you for supporting my music, and I wish you a peaceful and joyous season!


~ Nathan Speir